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Spain real
estate summit

Spain real estate summit


The event the sector has been waiting for!
The place to learn, share and enjoy

The real estate investment sector has been waiting for an event worthy of its importance to both our economy and our lives. Now it has arrived! - the Spain Real Estate Summit to be held in Madrid on 25/26th June.

Iberian Property, in collaboration with CBRE and JLL, brings you this flagship event, which is relevant to all those, who invest in real estate in Spain or who are contemplating to do so. It will bring together sector leaders over 2 days, giving everyone the opportunity to learn, share and network in the prestigious and relaxing environment of the La Finca complex in Madrid.

The Summit will provide an overview of the economic and political outlook. There will be sessions to debate trends in the various investment sectors, taking a transverse view of the many challenging aspects of “live”, “work” and “play”!

There will be sessions covering the transitioning of assets, the challenges of providing a place to live for everyone and the state of the market for financing. Looking to the future, an exciting session will help you navigate what AI really means to society and business.

Parallel sessions will be held, during which you can participate in the debate and which will cover three important sectors- retail, hotels and logistics.

There will be a gala dinner, a special event to enjoy and when we will celebrate major contributions to the sector, with the Iberian Property Investment Awards ceremony.

So do not wait, SAVE THE DATE, reserve your place now and be part of this Summit!

Why Spain Real Estate Summit?

Spain is worthy of a flagship conference, which addresses investment in Spanish real estate.

‘Shared experience’ is key to doing business - the Spain Real Estate Summit is designed to offer you that.

There will be a gala dinner, a special event to enjoy and when we will celebrate major contributions to the sector, with the Iberian Property Investment Awards ceremony.

Why attend?

Immerse yourselves over 2 days of strategic debate.

Enjoy plenary sessions with leading speakers and parallel sessions for your direct participation.

Do not just attend to listen. Come to share your views and doubts.


25 Jun

15h00 – 16h00   Conference registration and networking welcome coffee   

16h00 – 16h15   Welcome and Spain Real Estate Summit Opening   

16h15 – 17h00   Economic expedition: Balancing optimism and pragmatism  

  • Where is the Spanish economy currently? 

  • How is the Spanish economy positioned within Europe? 

  • Where is the Spanish economy going? opportunities and risks. 

  • How does this impact on real estate and what lessons should we take away? 

17h00 – 17h45   A cup of tea with the advisors – JLL / CBRE 

  • Where are the markets in their cycle? 

  • What are the main challenges/risks the market faces? 

  • How is the real estate sector expected to evolve over the next 12 months? 

  • The outlook for development. 

  • Recommendations for opportunities with income and/or capital growth. 

17h45 – 18h15   Networking coffee break – Sponsored by AZORA 

18h15 – 19h00   Financing in a challenging market  

  • Summary of where we are in the financing cycle and the attitude of lenders. 

  • Is the level of loan maturities going to seriously affect the market and what approach are lenders taking- obliging repayment/asset sales, short term extensions or full re-financings? 

  • What type of assets can be financed today and on what basis? 

  • Trends in the bond markets- are there new issues? pricing of existing bonds. 

  • New trends. 

19h00 – 19h45   How AI touches your lives now! 

  • How can AI and generative AI help business and companies?  

  • Risks and advantages… How to balance AI? 

  • How deep are the consequences for a hidden application of AI in business, namely in terms of job disruption? 

  • Where are the most impacted businesses in the Real Estate industry?  

19h45 – 20h00   Closing remarks, day 1 

20h00 – 21h00   Networking cocktail sponsored by SONAE SIERRA 


22h30 – 00h00   Open bar & cuban cigars  

26 Jun

09h00 – 09h30   Networking welcome coffee  

09h30 – 10h30   Assets transitioning - More than a fresh paint job 

  • What does transitioning really mean and its objectives? 

  • How to go about it and the skillsets required 

  • Is it an investment or a cost? 

  • What benefits does transitioning bring to an asset? 

10h30 – 11h45   Share your views – Chose from 3 dynamic and interactive breakout sessions 

  • Retail 

  • Hotels 

  • Logistics  

11h45 – 12h15   Networking coffee break - Sponsored by AEDAS Homes 

12h15 – 12h30   Brief conclusions from breakout sessions  

12h30 – 13h30   The challenges of providing a place to live for everyone!  

  • How has the sector changed over the last 10 years- and how will it continue to evolve? 

  • Why does public/private partnership not work effectively? 

  • We hear that the main challenge is to provide more supply, but what is the demand profile for different types of housing? 

  • Identify solutions for affordable and seniors housing- what needs to change? 

13h30 – 14h00   Closing of the Spain Real Estate Summit by a senior institutional representative  

14h00 – 16h00   Networking closing lunch 


UZalacain - La Finca

Urbanización La Finca - Paseo del Club Deportivo, 4 - Pozuelo de Alarcón - Madrid

In the prestigious and relaxing environment of the La Finca complex, located just 15 minutes from the city center and Madrid-Barajas airport, the UZalacaín space, with its large outdoor areas and exclusive gastronomic offer, with the logistical support of the David Lloyd La Finca sports club and the AC La Finca hotel, is the place chosen by Iberian Property to bring together the investors and professionals participating in the Spain Real Estate Summit 2024

UZalacain - La Finca